Hello and Welcome!

My name is Robert "Bob" Weiss.  I am a lifelong collector of stamps, having first been inspired to collect by my Father.  I am a specialist in the first five issues of Austrian Stamps.  I have been a member of the American Philatelic Society (APS) since 1988.

I created this website to help you build your collection with the classic issues of Austria.  When you browse through my store, you may find interesting stamps from other countries as well.  My stock changes frequently, so check back often.

In my younger years, I was a member of the Israeli Palmach and Machal. I was honored to receive Israel's "Aleh-State Warrior" order. The Palmach founded on May 15th, 1941 was the original fighting force that was the foundation for the Israeli Defense Forces. For you war history buffs; Google search Machal - the few that served are almost unknown and their heroic deeds should never be forgotten!

You can read more about it in my two self published books; "Unique Times" and "Joshko's Children".  Joshko's Children is the true holocaust story of my escape from Nazi occupied Austria and Unique Times is my personal diary during Israel's War of Independence 1948 - 1951.

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you find it interesting. 


Robert R. Weiss

Email: Bob@AustrianStampStore.com